The Inuit creation.
Updated: 11/5/2020
The Inuit creation.

Storyboard Text

  • Raven made the world and the waters. He has the powers of both man and bird .
  • pea-pod seed
  • I was born from that pea-pod.
  • Raven - Who are you? where did you come from?
  • After 4 days Raven returned with some food for the first man of his own creation.
  • Raven saw that he had to make more food so that the new human that where going to come out of the pea-pod plants in a few days were going to survive thats what he did he made some cheeps .
  • Raven created a huge bear so the man had something to fear of .
  • So he created fish, birds and a lot of other animals for his creation .
  • After a few days Raven realized that the man lonely .So he made a women and the man was very pleased to have someone on his side .
  • And so on the population kept growing .