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The Rock Cycle
Updated: 10/11/2020
The Rock Cycle
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  • Why hello there everyone, you see that valcano up above me. Well, a long long time ago I was the hot lava inside of it. Over time, I cooled down and and I was formed into the great igneous rock.
  • Wow this is a cool new form. I was just weathered down. Now all I am is some plain sediments piled up. After being broken into pieces by the wind, I was carried down the river to this place. Well, I guess Im taking another trip down this terrible river, here come more erosion.
  • Finally, after all this time, Im whole again. I must have been deposited from the river I went in. It was not that easy however, I also went through compaction and cementation to become this awesome new from. I am now the sedimentary rock.
  • You have got to be kidding me. I really want this cycle to be over, it's wearing me out. However, I have become the metamorphic rock. This process was the worst though, I had to go through high heat and really a lot of pressure to become this rock.
  • When will this ever be over? I have into liquid magma and I'm no longer a rock. I'm a liquid. It is very hot in here however. When will I leave this place.
  • Hey again everyone, do you recognize me? I just realized that I'm the igneous rock from the beginning. How is this possible? As the magma slowly came to the surface, it turned to lava and cooled to form me. I also just realized that it's all one big cycle that never ends.
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