creative assignment
Updated: 2/13/2021
creative assignment

Storyboard Text

  • This is Hamilton, the first secretary of treasury. He was a Federalist who believed that a stable and effective government required an enlightened ruling class.
  • This is Jefferson, he was part of the Democratic-Republican Party, who believed in religious freedom and the separation of the church and state.
  • I was finally able to come up with a great plan that will definitely help.
  • To be honest I just don´t think its gonna work out.
  • Alexander Hamilton (founding father)
  • Here´s the deal Hamilton, we will let you have the national bank for 20 years then after we´ll decide whether to keep it or not
  • Okay sounds good to me!
  • Thomas Jefferson (3rd US president)
  • I don´t know if I should sign this or not, what if it doesn't work out... you know what I´ll give Hamilton a chance it might be good for the economy
  • They both disagreed on how they were going to get out of debt after the war had occurred. Hamilton introduced a plan to help pay off the debt, create a national bank, whiskey tax, and protective tariff. Jefferson on the other hand thought it was a horrible idea because he thought it would create too much centralized governmental power.
  • I have always envisioned this moment :)
  • Congratulations Hamilton!!!
  • Congress passed a bill in 1791 creating a national bank for a term of 20 years. This left question of the bank's constitutionality up to George Washington who was the president at the time.
  • President Washington hesitantly chose to sign the plan after Hamilton persuaded him into doing so.
  • Ultimately, Hamilton's financial plan was an extraordinary achievement. In 1791 the construction of the first national bank began. Although Hamilton's economic vision more closely foresaw the future of the United States, and by 1800 Jefferson´s vision was also achieved