The Chalengs we face together.

Updated: 6/15/2020
The Chalengs we face together.

Storyboard Text

  • How much do you want for the Apples Nathan?
  • Deal.
  • 25 cents a Apple Annabell.
  • Here is your achoo Nathan achoo.
  • Yes I am ok. Thanks for achoo asking me Nathan achoo.
  • Thanks Jim. And are you ok?
  • I am Sorry to say but she has Influinza.
  • Ok Doc. I will now close down the shop.
  • Dear Diary,Today Nathan came to the shop to deliver some apples and we made a deal that we would pay 25 cents an apple. Also this new deases called Influinza has hit Idaho.From, Annabell
  • What a poor thing!
  • Mom could you stop saying that! Please!
  • Dear diary,Today we got the mail and postman Jim was coughing all over it. I think he got influinza.From, Nathan
  • No!
  • What!
  • I am sorry to tell you this but Mary has died.
  • Dear diary,Today my mom cought Influinza. And now my dad has to close the shop. How are we going to make enough mouney for both food and moms medasin?!From, Annabell
  • Hi Annabell!
  • Hi Nathan!
  • Dear diary,Today our cow Bessie got sick my mom can't stop calling her "poor thing" and stuff like that.From, Nathan
  • Dear Diary,Today my mom died from Influinza. Later that day my dad said that we would be moveing to Nathans to get our minds off of her death.From, Annabell
  • Dear diary,Today Annabell arived at out farm. She is going to sleep in the guest room and her dad in the barn. You should have seen the expreshen on his face when my mom told him he was going to sleep in the the barn.From, Nathan