Updated: 1/22/2020
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  • Charlie ends up going to a dance with Mary Elizabeth, and then Charlie, Mary Elizabeth, Patrick, Brad, Sam and Craig, Sams boyfriend all hang out in a hotel room craig rented playing truth or dare. Charlie chooses dare the entire time so he doesn't need to lie to Mary Elizabeth any more, and then Patrick dares him to kiss the prettiest girl in the room, and Charlie, finally being honest, kisses sam.
  • By this point, everything has gone wrong for Charlie. Sam is really mad at him and Mary Elizabeth doesn't want to talk to him right now, and Patrick tells him to stay away for a little while, and he does. But he is really lonely.
  • While Charlie is out of the group, some stuff between Brad and Patrick goes down. Brads father had not known the relationship between his son and Patrick, but he finds them in the bed together, and he beats Brad with his belt. Brad is Ignoring Patrick throughout school, and finally, during lunch, Brad says something, but its bad. He insults Patrick, and Patrick punches Brad. then after that, they fight, Patrick versus Brad and his football friends, and Charlie can't stand that, so he swings a chair at the football kids.
  • At this point, so much has happened to the people Charlie cares about. He is back in the friend group, but he just doesn't know what to do. Sam finds out Craig was cheating on her, and even if Charlie wanted to be with Sam, she was clearly hurt, and he was more angry about that. The school year is almost over, and Charlie doesn't want it to end like this. He does his best, he's there for Patrick. Sam, but not himself.
  • Charlie was helping Sam pack her bags for college, and then she asks Charlie we he didn't make a move on her at a recent dance. Charlie is just dumbfounded, not because he's surprised, but he's almost terrified. Charlie told Sam he wasn't ready so they stopped, and he was going to go home. When his parents woke up, he had been naked on the couch watching a blank tv.
  • Charlie could not talk for a week. He was just in a comatose state, only breathing. When he came too, he had started getting more therapy. They had uncovered something. Aunt Helen, one of his favorite people, had taken advantage of them. He knew why he was the way he was now, and that made him happy. He's looking forward to his Sophomore year at Highschool!
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