social studies
Updated: 5/8/2019
social studies

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  • French and Indian War: 1754-1763
  • Proclamation of 1763
  • You may not go past these mountains
  • The Quartering Act : 1765
  • In the French and Indian War, France and Britan fought for the land along the Ohio River
  • The Stamp Act: 1765
  • You must pay taxes for printed papers
  • During the proclamation of 1763, colonists were told that they were not allowed to build homes past the Appalachian Mountains. 
  • The Boston Massacre: 1770
  • During the Quartering Act, Colonists had to pay for the British Troops, and give them places to live, Although the colonists did so, they treated the soldiers poorly.
  • The Boston Tea Party: 1773
  • The colonists did not want to pay taxes for printed paper of any kind the even though British Parliament said they had to.
  • I shall not pay taxes for such things
  • In the Boston Massacre the soldiers were fighting the colonists who were taunting them one soldier thought he heard the command "Fire!" and shot into the crowd.
  • The Boston Tea Party was about the colonists that didn't want to pay the tea taxes so in protest they threw tea off a boat.
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