A Christmas Carol - Storyboard Assignment
Updated: 12/18/2019
A Christmas Carol - Storyboard Assignment
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  • Ch. 1: Marley's Ghost
  • "BAH HUMBUG! Its just bah humbug I know it!"
  • "I am the Ghost of Christmas Past . . . No. Your past."
  • Ch. 2: The 1st of the Three Spirits
  • "Who are you?"
  • Ch. 3: The 2nd of the Three Spirits
  • ". . . about Mr. Scrooge . . ."
  • "I give you Mr. Scrooge, the Founder of the Feast"
  • At this point in the chapter, Scrooge heard his bells ringing in his house when a ghost came in. He wants to believe that it's nothing at all. In reality it's his friend old friend, Marley's Ghost, that came to warn him about a possible fate Scrooge could have (like him) if he didn't change.
  • Ch. 4: The Last of the Three Spirits
  • When the Ghost of Christmas Past came, he told Scrooge to get up and walk with him as he goes through shadows (scenses) of his past as a boy all the way to a young adult and now.
  • Ch. 5: The End of It
  • After the Ghost of Christmas Present had arrived, he took Scrooge with him to the Cratchit's house (present shadow/scense) and Scrooge watched as they discussed him. While watching, the Ghost tells Scrooge that he "sees an empty seat." During their talk about Tiny Tim's death, Scrooge begs the ghost to "spare" his life.
  • Overall Review
  • Scrooge's Reflection (Before and After)
  • Shortly after the last spirit has arisen, Scrooge found himself in a graveyard/funeral with the Phantom. There was no one to be found. He realized that if he didn't change, he would be alone. He would be alone in death as he is now in life.
  • Here Lies: Ebenezer Scrooge
  • After the 3 Spirits visits, Scrooge awakened to a new day (Christmas Day) and decided to start fresh. He started by asking a boy to order "the big prize turkey" for the Cratchit's. Then soon after he went to his nephew's house and ate dinner with them as well as enjoy games with Fred's family too.
  • Scrooge had decided to change his fate because of the numerous shadows the 3 spirits had shown him. Now he has changed and is making the most out of the new life he has created for himself. He knows that if he had kept his old way, he would be alone in death (along with all other negative impacts) more than he would be in his terrible life. 
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