part 2
Updated: 4/3/2020
part 2
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  • After the fight Covey left Douglass alone because he was scared and intimidated by Douglass and didn’t bother trying to “break” Douglass any more. Covey never whipped Douglass again either, Covey left him alone, now Covey was more bark than bite. In Douglass's remaining years as a slave he was never whipped by any of his owners and always kept the root on his right side to keep him safe. Although Douglass may have had the roots magic in him all along the root gave him the confidence to stand up for what he belived in and what he new was right. little by little Douglass’s actions helped put an end to slavery.
  • Douglass finally returned to Covey’s plantation, Covey was waiting for Douglass at the fence. Douglass was astonished that Covey had not whipped him or seemed mad that he ran away. “Go take care of the horses” said covey calmly. Douglass, taken by surprise did as told and did not complain at all.That day Douglass had not been whipped and Douglass started to wonder if he had not been because it was Sunday his day off or if it was because of the root. Tomorrow the magic of the root would be fully tested and Douglass started to worry.
  • The next morning Douglass went to work fearing for his life. After a few nerve racking hours Covey came up to Douglass with a long whip and as Douglass tried to run covey wrapped the leather whip around Douglass's swollen ankles and with a loud “thud”,harshly dragged him on to the dirt ground. Douglass struggled to get away from covey and when he did he harshly pinned covey down on the ground by the throat,covey called as loud as he could for Hughes to help back him up but when help arrived Douglass kicked Hughes hard two times and he was no longer any help because he was sick from the hard blows. After two brutally draining hours the fight had come to an end. Douglass sighed in relief and thought to himself " I still have not been whipped, the root works!". Besides the fact Douglass had not been whipped he beat the corrupt Mr.Covey.
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