Cell Theory Storyboard
Updated: 11/6/2020
Cell Theory Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Finding single celled organisms.1675
  • I'm Anton Van Leeuwenhoek and I discovered single celled organisms by looking at pond water and barrel drain water. I called them we beasties but then changed it to animalcules. They're now called protists.
  • Looking at cork1675
  • I'm Robert Hook and I looked through a compound microscope at cork and saw the cell walls and came up with the name "cells" because they reminded me of the rooms monks lived in.
  • There was a 200 year gap between these 2 scientists and another 3 important scientists. During that gap, technology got better, including microscopes. The magnification got greater and made it easier to look at and investigate cells.
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