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Cell Theory Storyboard Pt. 2
Updated: 11/6/2020
Cell Theory Storyboard Pt. 2
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  • I'm Matthias Schleiden and I'm a German Botanist who studied plants through a compound microscope and discovered that all plants were made of similar looking cells. All plant cells had similar size, shape, and color (green).
  • Studying plant cells1830's
  • Different types of cells1830's
  • I'm Theodor Schwann and I'm a German zoologist who studied animal cells through a compound microscope and stated that cells were the building blocks of all living things (plants and animals). I also noticed that each type of cell had a different function, for example, a blood cell is different from a skin cell.
  • Studying Others' Work1858
  • I'm Rudolph Virchow and I'm a German scientist that look at other's work and studied it. I proved that all cells came from pre-existing cells.
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