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Indian removal act
Updated: 2/18/2020
Indian removal act
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  • Within the early 1800's, American president Andrew Jackson sought efforts to remove Native American tribes from the southeast and to western lands. Tribes such as the cherokee disapproved of this as it was an attempt to tear them from their ancestral lands, and fought back to try and earn their right at peace within the states.
  • These Native american tribes were starting to become angry at the governments wishes and knew they would have to stand up for themselves in order to prove people wrong. They knew that their land was too valuable to be willfully taken and they were rightful citizens of the U.S.
  • The official Indian removal act was put into effect on May 28,1830 by President Jackson. The treaty officially authorized president Jackson to negotiate with Native American tribes for their removal from southern territory. The treaty was very controversial among the states, With parties such as the Whig party against the act
  • In places such as Georgia, the cherokee tribe tried their best to establish peace and make it so more americans sided with their ways, even taking to legal actions to try and stay on their lands. However, the state of Georgia wanted the Native Americans out, and eventually U.S Government got them on their way
  • The constitution gave the president no other choice than to send the conquered subjects, or Native americans, out west to lands they could call their own. The only problem was the long trek and harsh conditions that had to be endured to get there.No Native American had an easy route out west to new lands.
  • Around 4,000 cherokee tribesmen and women alone died on the trail or tears alone , and some more Native americans also faced fatalities along the way. America went from a so called mass genocide to a cotton gin in no time, and it shows how much they're cooped with expansion in this time. The Native American culture suffered a great loss within this time.
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