Rock project 3
Updated: 1/30/2020
Rock project 3
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  • Hi Im Izzy the Igneous rock and today I will show you the process of melting,cooling and crystallization when I was formed as an Igneous rocks
  • When a rock like myself cools from magma we call them intrusive igneous rocks
  • Sometimes some igneous rocks create crystals
  • The reason why I am classified as an Igneous rock is because I was formed by cooling magma or lava and you can also tell by some of my patterns.
  • A type of igneous rock that cools from melted lava is called an extrusive Igneous rock
  • Magma going through earths crust
  • A rock that cools from the melting of magma is called an intrusive rock.This is because-magma forces its way or intrudes into coats or rock deep inside earths crust.
  • The reason why some igneous rocks performs crystallization is because the slow cooling time of magma allows large mineral crystals to form and fast cooling time creates smaller crystals to form.
  • The reason why the Extrusive igneous rock is called this is because when melted magma squeezes through the cracks in the earths crustt,that is called extruding.
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