Operation Save The Turtles
Updated: 2/18/2020
Operation Save The Turtles

Storyboard Text

  • What did you do to my home?
  • One can won't make a difference...
  • Why you bully us??
  • An ocean shore littered with trash and dead sea creatures. A bird is found standing amid all the litter thinking in anguish why its habitat is covered with garbage. 5 seconds
  • The Eco Bag can eliminate pollution!
  • A teenage boy throwing a can into an already trash filled ocean assuming one soda can won't change anything, while there is a sign stating not to litter.6 seconds
  • A lone turtle in the middle of the ocean floor surrounded by dead sea creatures and trash covering the seafloor wanting to know why they have to suffer.5 seconds
  • And remember to always sksk- save the turtles!
  • An ad depicting the Ecobag in the center while a woman exclaiming how awesome the Ecobag is and that it will have a major impact on the environment. 5 seconds
  • An example of the Ecobag dissolving into Eco-friendly material that's safe for the sea creatures and for environment and a comparison of the Ecobag to seaweed. 4 seconds
  • A happy sea turtle surrounded by its friends and a litter- free ocean floor emphasizing how the Ecobag sksk- saves the turtles! 5 seconds