Unknown Story
Updated: 12/19/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Gary went rocketing up, he felt it as he passed through the earth's atmosphere. Mr. Procter ran away and he was left alone. He was thrown in the ground and passed out.
  • Gary woke up in a cell. It was like a prison cell, but a purplish color, and no bed or toilet. He started to panic thinking that he wasn't on earth anymore. He thought about getting back to earth.
  • The bars for the cell looked like purple plants, they weren't to strong so he figured he might be able to break them. Then an alien walked by, It was Mr. Procter, but he didn't look like himself, just the same clothes.
  • Mr. Procter went up to the cell, and it opened all of a sudden. Gary ran as fast as he could, away from Mr. Procter, who was holding a bunch of shots and a butchers knife.
  • He tripped, smashing into the ground. He was hurt badly, he blacked out. His eyes started opening again, and he heard the sound of a door opening.
  • Gary was back in his room. His mom walked in with a sandwich. She said, "A sandwich with mayo, here you go." Gary looked at his electric typewriter, he ripped out the paper, and made a new story, without aliens.
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