Punic Wars
Updated: 3/10/2019
Punic Wars
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  • Punic Wars  264- 146 B.C
  • Rome wins the first Punic Wars by a raven falling and that was an advantage for the Roman soldiers because they walked and were able to to turn a naval warfare to a land battle.
  • Romans attack!
  • We outsmarted you! We are very good at land battles
  • First Punic War 264- 241 B.C
  • How can this be!
  • Another Punic War begins. Roman couldn't fight Hannibal in Italy. Roman decided to come after Carthage.
  • How can this be! 
  • Second Punic War (Italy) 218-201 B.C
  • We are getting stronger!
  • You people are getting weak!
  • Roman left and went to Africa to attack Carthage. Hannibal also left Italy to protect Carthage. Roman attacked and won the Second Punic War.
  • We are now attacking Carthage
  • Second Punic War (Africa) 218-201 B.C.
  • Fine! It's over! 
  • NO! 
  • A third Punic war because Carthage wouldn't move to North Africa. Rome wins easily because Carthage didn't have a lot of power because of the previous war. Carthage is finally over.
  • You people are weak from the last war! You can never defeat us! 
  • We shall attack ! 
  • Third Punic War 149-146 B.C 
  • Come! We will not give up! 
  • You are now my control! Rome will now be an Empire!
  • Rome has finally took over Carthage. Carthages population is sold into slavery. Carthage is burned down. This helped Rome to have a bigger navy and expand to an Empire.
  • Effects of the Punic Wars
  • Hello, my new people ! 
  • Bow down!
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