Updated: 3/19/2021

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  • Lets go on a walk John, I want you to tell me about evolution.
  • I need to remind my self about biogensis that living matter arises only from other living matter.
  • Well from mutations we aquired it.
  • How do you explain what morals are without God?
  • What about how complex our DNA is? How could it not point to a Creator?
  • After many years of random selection we got more and more complex.
  • How then if the earth is as old as you claim it to be, we have no fossil evidence of the in between states of evolution's? I don't suppose they just spontaneously generated
  • Of course not. Micro evoultion it happened so slow no one knew.
  • How does all of this not point to a creator?
  • Alright fine maybe Darwin might have been wrong about all his theories of origin and such. I'll have to think it over. In the mean time lets dry of in that cave.