Dylan and Morgan project
Updated: 12/16/2019
Dylan and Morgan project
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  • for he makes shure that nothing bad gets in.
  • see this is a security guard? he is like the cell membrane.
  • there's a packaging unit this way & it"makes"the snacks.kind of like ribosomes!
  • 2:the cytoplasm because it's hull is supporting the entire"cell".
  • 1:the lysomes becuase it "stores"things.
  • see the air plane? its like almost every part of the cell.
  • and this lady is like the endoplasmic reticulum(ER).
  • so the door to the control room is like the nucleus.
  • OH! I almost forgot the flight room
  • the flight attendant is like the Golgi body because she packages and transports the proteins.
  • looks like it"s gonna rain.
  • see these guys? there like the nucleolus!the control the plane!
  • so see the hull of the plane? it's like the mitochondria.it protects the plane from the rain.
  • and that's is about it!
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