Updated: 11/22/2019

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  • Many years later....
  • Hi! I'm Kathy H. I am a career that takes care of people after their donations until they reach completion. Growing up, I was a very observant person. I grew up at a place called Hailsham.
  • Children there is something you must know. You will all grow up to give away your vital organs. You will not have a normal life at all. Stop dreaming.
  • They all have moved from Hailsham into the cottages where Ruth and Tommy's relationship 'florishes'.
  • This is Hailsham where we have medical every week and our guardians teach us how to be great individuals, but keep us in the dark about details. This is also were I met a guy that will become a close friend. His name is Tommy. I found him first.
  • I wonder why he called to the bench near the pond. Everyone will see us from the building.
  • I will not tell a soul. Wow... It could mean something else.
  • Hey Kathy. I have to tell you something but you cannot tell a soul. Okay? Great well Mrs. Lucy call me to her one day and was tell me that they it is okay that I am not creative. I found this to be very weird. She was acting like there was more she wanted to tell me, but could not.
  • Pretend there are many children in the shot.
  • Okay Ruth.
  • Tommy baby! I need you to get your act together sweetie. We are not little kids at Hailsham anymore.
  • Ruth is such a kiss up and I lost Tommy to her.
  • Is that Ruth's possible?!
  • The End