Joy-Forms of Government
Updated: 2/6/2020
Joy-Forms of Government
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  • Can I get my hair done?
  • Monarchy
  • Throw him in the dungeon!
  • Democracy
  • Vote for me I will make a big difference for our country
  • Vote for me as president, I promise to you that you will get your needs
  • Dictatorship
  • Give us higher salaries!
  • Monarchy is a form of administration where the systems are ruled by a Monarch (King, Queen or Emperor) An example of a country that has had Monarchy since the 10th century till now the 21st century is England. England is now ruled by Queen Elizabeth II in the form of Constitutional Monarchy (is when a monarch functions in the head of state within the limits of regulation And Absolute Monarchy is when a monarch is given full power over authorities, his/her powers are not limited by any constitution or law.
  • Communism
  • Listen to our plead!
  • I know
  • It's fine they will listen to us
  • No more please we have family to feed
  • Democracy is a form of government where a government of citizens are given power to hold free elections ( to elect different members of the parliament or government) There are 2 different types of democracy: Direct democracy is when the public can vote on every decision made by the government. Representative democracy is when the public can vote on who they want to govern /rule their country.
  • Oligarchy
  • White people only
  • Black people only
  • Dictatorship is form of government where a person or small group takes complete power over a country, city or area without following any restrictions. An example of a country that had dictatorship for over 30 years is Sudan . The dictator's name is Omar Al Bashir because he was responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity. SO many innocents died in the war.
  • Anarchy
  • A
  • Communism is a system where all possessions are shared in the public and the citizens need to work in order to get their pay/needs. But the thing that people usually don't like is when they will have different jobs like a doctor and an engineer and they'll both get payed the same amount, and so that's when people start to riot and protest because they want better salaries.
  • Oligarchy is when a portable (small) group of people take power over country or government. An example of a country that had oligarchy was South Africa because of Apartheid. Apartheid is discrimination of races where in South Africa is was when white and black people weren't allowed to have the same jobs, same rights, same opportunities and etc. Apartheid was led by Daniel François Malan from 1948 to the early 1990's.
  • Anarchy is a system where there is no government in control of the country which means that citizens can do whatever they want/desire to do. An example of a country that has Anarchy is Australia because they cause a lot of chaos from protesting like one protest they had was about Climate Change it was a huge chaos because there was more than 200 arrests because of the people going against the police.
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