Broken Blade By: Leila Roknic 6th Hour
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade By: Leila Roknic 6th Hour

Storyboard Text

  • It should've been me!
  • Pierre LaPage's dad cuts off his thumb with an ax. Pierre feels guilty because he was supposed to cut the wood. Now Pierre has to leave his family behind and become a voyager
  • Before the voyagers left St. Annes most of them made a donation and then prayed for good luck. He is home sick and has no idea what is ahead of him. Pierre and charbonneau bonded and talked. Some of the voyagers like la lond were nice to him but ballgaurde wasn't. Pierres muscles are tired and blisters are hurting. He wishes he could go home 
  • Pierre's crew set sail for the rapids. Rushing waters and huge rocks broke La Londe. As he was reaching for it he fell over board before anyone could reach a hand or cry out. After looking for hours and hours for La Londe but no sign, the crew was devastated.
  • When the men arrive at grand portage they have a big feast with people they met. Charbonneau mets his old friend Mukwa. They eat a wonderful dinner and bond. Later he mets Kennewah and She doesn't Speak english. Charbonneau tells pierre that she is trying to ask him to dance. He doesn't want to but he does.
  • Pierre ate dog at Mukwa's and he doesn't know if that is the right thing. Pierre takes a walk and trails off the this beautiful view of lake Superior. Kennewah comes behind him and they go to pick berries together. Pierre says goodbye to kennewah and sets sail for lake Superior. Pierre gets a book from Mckay. They have a canoe race and they don't win.
  • Pierre gets back home to see his dad chopping wood. His dad drops the ax and gives Pierre a hug. He tries to surprise his mom but he knew she would figure out. What I think Pierre should do is stay home and go to school. Pierre enjoys school and reading. He has experience horrible things as a voyager, I don't think he should do it again.