Water Cycle Comic (2)
Updated: 3/30/2020
Water Cycle Comic (2)

Storyboard Text

  • Yeah we're evaporating and turning into a gas again.
  • Let's go! I can finally get that water. No! Where are they going now?
  • Oh well. I guess I'll drink the other water.
  • That loser tiger will never taste us!
  • Hey look we're falling as snow this time.
  • We turned from a gas to a liquid in the clouds but froze in the air and became snow
  • The ice melted and we're filtering through the soil.
  • Uhh... why are we sinking?
  • We're filtering to the lake as discharge, groundwater coming to the surface.
  • Wait... why are we flowing back? That tiger might be there.
  • NOOOOOO! The tiger is drinking us.
  • Yes! I can finally drink the water!
  • Mmmmm. That was some good water.
  • Thank god we're finally out.