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The king and the Pope
Updated: 10/22/2020
The king and the Pope
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  • I'm losing more power every day. Soon I am going to lose all of my power before I die.
  • I know! I should tell the Pope that I want to be able to pick the Bishops. He will agree with me because I am the king!
  • Pope, I must speak with you. I need to talk to you about the Bishops
  • Yes, my king meet me in the dinning room.
  • I would like to take control of picking the bishops.
  • I am the KING you shall listen to me. In fact I am now the new Pope
  • No you shall not take control of picking the Bishops! You are so power hungry that you come in the house of God asking to control the Priests job!?
  • How dare you! You are now banned from the church!
  • I can't believe the king got banish from the church he ordered to build.
  • By the power I have I herby banish King Henry from this church as long as I live.
  • Scrool
  • That should teach the power hungry king, that he should be grateful for the power he has.
  • Please! I'll do anything just let me in please!
  • Please let me in, The snow covered the whole castle. Please let me in I am sorry!
  • No you disrespected me and the house of God. You shall DIE in the snow!
  • It shall be done, thank you so much!
  • Please let me in.
  • Fine, but I get to come to your castle every weekend and you shall host a big feast for me and the priests.
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