Updated: 3/2/2021

Storyboard Text

  • She is Paulina.She lives in Palma de Mallorca,Spain.She is 19 years old and her passion is painting. She is a famous painter in the world.
  • She usually wakes up very early at 7 am.She goes to the bathroom to have a shower.She brush her teeth.
  • She sometimes has breakfast at home at 7.30 am. She eats sushi and drinks coffee.She checks her E-MAIL
  • When she travels, she eats lunch in nature at about 12.30 pm. She eats a sandwich or tacos with french fries. She drinks juice.
  • She never has much free time.She travels more to paint beautiful scenery. She works for her painting exhibition.
  • She loves her job and her passion, but sometimes makes her feel very tired. She will soon open an exhibition with her works. She's very happy that she will realize her dream.