Updated: 1/30/2020
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  • When it came to world affairs George Washington was neutral
  • Don't mess with me i don't mess with you
  • I agree with his decision of not fighting anyone because no one would attack them
  • George Washington1732-1799
  • ended our allience
  • He avoided war with France
  • John Adams 1735-1826
  • we should have helped France to hold our alliance
  • Jefferson proposed the Embargo act because The french and Britain were attacking them leading to them being neutral
  • he was basically in a dead end and had to go neutral
  • i think he did the right thing because if he didn't do the embargo act almost all of his sailors would be killed
  • ThomasJefferson1743-1826
  • he was basically fearless
  • He decided to abandon Washington's isolationism and go to war
  • James Madison1751-1836
  • his choice was way better than any other president because he was actually brave enough to go in to battle
  • Instead of wanting to send a letter to Spain he wanted to take action on Spain and revolt against them
  • he wanted to step up
  • He did the right thing because just sending a letter isn't going to do anything and the people agreed with James to
  • James Monroe1758-1831
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