Fish in a tree
Updated: 2/23/2021
Fish in a tree

Storyboard Text

  • im done my work
  • I'm done my work
  • Everyone in the class is done except ally shes bored of doing her work
  • Ally and her older brother are at the pound shop and the worker tried to make them pay more
  • Ally and her new teacher his name is Mr.Daniel their playing chest because Mr. Daniels asked if Ally can stay after class with him
  • ´´meow´´
  • Mr.Daniels tells Ally to read this book but ally cant read and she wants to tell him but shes scared to tell him
  • Ally is outside with a lot of butterfly´s and one lands on her finger then she touched the butterfly´s wing and it fell then shay said you killed it
  • Ally has a mind movie of a chick that´s saying meow