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Updated: 3/13/2020
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  • After the end of the first world war, Annabelle lived in the booming 20's, a very prosperous time.
  • Western Canada was more SOCIALIST than eastern Canada, meaning they believed ordinary people should have more say in government
  • Amid an unfavorable economic situation, Winnipeg's metal and building workers protested for higher wages and COLLECTIVE BARGAINING.
  • Throughout the 43 day protest, the strikers didn't directly make massive changes, but it made a start
  • After the war, the economy boomed. Everyone was out spending money, which lead to the "raging 20's". The economy was incredibly prosperous and growth was enormous.
  • ABORIGINAL TITLE was also a big issue, many had land issues.
  • Although the economy was at an all time high, many still suffered discrimination, corruption and poverty
  • The government had been taking land from the aboriginals unknowingly, this was known as CUT-OFF LANDS.
  • At the height of the raging economy, a few cautious investors sold their stocks, which lead to many more selling, and a complete collapse of the stock market. People were instantly bankrupt.
  • This lead to mass unemployment and the start of the depression.
  • MACKENZIE KING was very unprepared for the depression, and did not want to make changes because he thought it was temporary. He was voted out in 1930.
  • Roasted wheat was referred to as "BENNETT COFFEE". Bennett rose tariffs by 50%, but this change ended up just doing more harm
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