Mentality Episode 1: Opening scene.
Updated: 4/16/2021
Mentality Episode 1: Opening scene.

Storyboard Description

Legion esc show. Main characters wife is dead and he has abilities, he also has a robot son who he doesn't realise at first is his son. Villain is the main character from the future.

Storyboard Text

  • Its a windy stormy night and rain falls:-Camera zooms into the doors of the church.
  • -Inside shot of the church showing a brief shot of the funeral attendees silhouettes.The priest says a few words"We gather here today"...
  • Jennifer1985 - 2020
  • -Shot of the coffin with a picture of the wife.Hear a few people crying in the background whilst lightning and rain are shown through the window behind the coffin.
  • -Brief shot of the burial process.
  • -Close up shot of the wife's name on the coffin and the date she passed, whilst rain hits the wood.
  • -First shot of the main character, he is noticeably sad but just stares at the freshly covered grave, no words are spoken to build tension and mystery.