The fall and rise of the Han and Song Dynasty.
Updated: 1/16/2020
The fall and rise of the Han and Song Dynasty.
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  • Emperor Xiandi was not a good ruler. He ruled until 220 - CE when he was forced to give up the throne.
  • Emperor Xiandi is not dong very well ruling, i thinks were in trouble!
  • Agreed. I wonder if the empire will fall into chaos under his rule.
  • Under the rule of Xiandi generals and officials began to fight for personal power and not for the empire.
  • Give me all your power or else!
  • No! The power is all mine, I will rise to power!
  • Eventually the Han dynasty completely fell and China divided into three kingdoms.
  • The three Kingdoms.
  • After the 5 dynasty era general Taizu seized the throne Starting the song dynasty.
  • The power of China is finally Mine!
  • The era of the Song was considered a golden age of China because of their prosperity in trading, arts, inventions like silk and the grand canal, and culture and religion.
  • The Song Mainly practiced Neo-Confucianism and Buddhism. Buddhism was brought to China Through trade on the Silk Road, the most important trade route in the history of the world.
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