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Storyboard #4
Updated: 3/28/2019
Storyboard #4
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  • Alivia Cooley
  • Storyboard #4
  • Text Structure - Sequence
  • "In Canterbury everyone seemed to be set against her, and she needed friends badly."(Jurmain, 32)
  • Prudence was receiving gifts and letters thanking her, she was winning awards and had many followers and supporters. Finally things were looking up.(Jurmain, 91).
  • Signpost- Contrast and Contradictions
  • "At last the tide seemed to be turning. Instead of insults and criticism, gifts and encouraging letters poured in."(Jurmain, 91)
  • Forbidden Schoolhouse
  • Mindset- Persists to overcome Obstacles
  • After facing all those obstacles and challenges, Prudence kept a positive mindset and fought for not just her future but other younger teens future's.
  • To succeed Prudence had to face major setbacks and challenges and had to fight for what she felt was right. She went through the lowest of the lows to make her dreams come true.
  • Summary- SWBS
  • Prudence wanted to give people with color a right to go to school and get educated just like everyone else, but so many people were against her and fought with everything they had to stop her. So Prudence fought back and didn't let them stop her from doing what she believed in.
  • The author said this to show that finally after all of Prudence's hard work it had finally paid off and more people were starting to support her and be on her side and to show that things were finally starting to look better.
  • Question
  • People attempted to set the school on fire and through rocks and eggs at the students while walking to school.
  • Motivated, Prudence did not let the judgment and hatred of others stop her from doing what she believed in and fighting for young teens future's.
  • Five Topics: Dedication, Hard work, Motivation, Bravery, Determination Theme: Don't let other peoples hatred and opinions stop you from fighting for what you feel is right.
  • What choice would you have made if you were fighting for what you believed in and worked really hard and people kept making it harder and saying hateful things and harming you and your supporters, would you have chosen to continue, or give up and let it get the best of you?
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