Prince Shotoku Comic Strip
Updated: 3/18/2020
Prince Shotoku Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • This constitution lists rules for the government to keep order.
  • I want many monasteries and temples built in Japan.
  • Prince Shotoku looked to China as an example of what to do to create a powerful government.
  • Thank you farmer.
  • Here are all taxes emperor.
  • Shotoku's constitution gave all power to the emperor. It listed rules for working in the government.
  • We are going to China to study.
  • Shotoku ordered Buddhist temples and monasteries to be built throughout Japan. Japan's oldest temple and the world's oldest surviving wooden building is called the Horyuji.
  • This is my constitution.
  • All land in Japan came under the emperor's control. All taxes from farmers went to the emperor.
  • Shotoku wanted to learn from China's brilliant civilization. He sent officials and students to China to study.
  • Prince Shotoku created a constitution to reach his goal for Japan.