Two kinds
Updated: 2/3/2020
Two kinds
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  • You look like,”negro Chinese!”
  • I HATE THIS!!!
  • A girl named” Ni Kan” had moved with her mother from china to America. Ni Kan mother wants her to be a perfect daughter. Her mother gives her daughter test and the test gets harder and harder. The mother wants her daughter to be like a Chinese called Shirley temple at first. So takes her daughter to a beauty school to get her hair done like shirley’s.
  • when ni Kan mother took her to the beauty school and she put her in the hands of someone who can barely hold scissors without shaking. Instead of big fat curls it was uneven mass of crinkly black fuzz . Her mother had dragged her to the bathroom to wet down her hair. Ni Kan had a Peter Pan haircut.
  • The girl learns that she doesn’t like piano lessons. Her mother wants her to be like a young girl she saw on television. And her piano teacher is deaf,so he cant hear what’s she playing so she just played the notes very fast to seem like she is playing wonderful but she was very off on the notes.
  • Ni Kan is not taking her lessons very well, then her mother had sign her up in a talent show. The girl barley practices and letting out jumble of random notes and only practicing her bow. She messes up a lot and it sounded terrible.
  • her mother was disappointed and blank. She thought she would ever have to play piano ever again ,But her mother wanted her to go to practice but she didn’t want to so they argued an had a fight in till her mother gave up.
  • when she was 30 her parents had gave her a piano and it was a sign of forgiveness . Then a few month later had passed and her mother had passed away few months before. She had played the piano for fun then she played a few bars and had realized that the notes were easy. THE END.
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