life as a viking
Updated: 12/18/2019
life as a viking
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  • Most vikings were farmers and villagers, there farms and crops were very important to them. On a daily basis men and women tended their crops.
  • Men and women both shared jobs however the women tended to make clothes and do the weaving while the men went out on fishing voyages.
  • The Vikings were known for raiding parties. They often attacked the Anglo-Saxons to get gold and money. they destroy and took everything they could, everything they couldn't take they burnt.
  • If you were a freeman you would be attending a community meeting where laws were read and vikings choose their kings.
  • If you were a skald, a keeper of viking history, you would have the job of memorizing and reciting viking history and stories.
  • If you were a thrawl (slave) you would be doing all the heavy work in the farm and in the fields of the family who enslaved you.
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