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Updated: 3/31/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Cherub: The Dealer
  • By: Robert Muchamore
  • James is apart of a Secret agent team that goes undercover to find out what happens during certain missions. This time James is going undercover to try and find out what the biggest drug company KMG is up to. But to also become friends with his son.
  • James went to the boxing club down the street and met Junior who's the kid of the CEO of KMG. Junior wanted to box James to see if he was any good. To his surprise, it was an even match but James come out on top. After Juniors father Keith Moore came up to meet James.
  • After James had met Junior he was offered a job from Keith Moore to help KMG by being a cocaine dealer. While he is doing these deals he got more and more insight on what they were doing and how they were producing it.
  • Finally the police had enough information to arrest the KMG employees. After all the arrest they had over 75% of the company under arrest and questioning. When Juniors father Keith Moore found out he took Junior and James to his miami house to let it die down.
  • When they arrived in Miami Keith Moore's house was ambushed by a gang. James was attacked as well and had to shoot and kill someone. James didn't have much time to think about what he did. He had to get into a car and drive away and get into a plane to go back home.