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Romulus and Remus
Updated: 5/21/2020
Romulus and Remus
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  • The good King Numitor was dethroned by his wicked brother Amulius, his beautiful daughter was also banished to the temple of Mars.
  • Surprisingly, Numitor's daughter, Rhea had fallen in love with Mars and they had twins: Romulus and Remus. Though when Amulius heard of this, he ordered his men to kill the children.
  • The men in fact put the twins in a basket and sent them along the river. A wolf found the two children wailing so- being a mother- she took both boys and raised them as her own for a while. Though a shepherd found himself at the cave where the boys were raised, and him having no children with his wife- he took them home when the wolves were asleep.
  • The old Shepherd and his wife raised the boys as if they were to be their own sons, and Romulus and Remus helped out villagers all over. They would chase away bandits and give the people back their belongings.
  • One day, they met a man whom said that the two boys were his grandchildren.
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