Hero Life Cycle
Updated: 1/12/2021
Hero Life Cycle

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  • Birth and childhood
  • I'm different than everybody else.
  • Preparation
  • Quest 1
  • Ulysses is born in isle of ithaca where he later becomes king. A sharp and strong child at a young age he had gained the interest of Athena who later helps him in his quest.
  • Quest 2
  • LET ME GO!
  • A confident Ulysses has getting ready to go on his second quest. His first quest so successful he wants to test himself. He chooses the best men and is out to gain more confidence and test his boundaries. He wants to know how much power he holds inside himself
  • ultimate Battle
  • ulysses men are starving they force him to stop at the next island. they land and walk into a cave. they start feasting on cooking sheeps as there greeted by the cyclops. he eats three of the men and torements the men. Even after the men escape he causes the most havoc for ulysses.
  • Triumphant Return
  • Ulysses fallen trap to his ego wants to hear the voice of the sirens. Once tied to the ship he is ready to hear here voice. As the ship gets closer he is screaming to be let go. His men protect him. As they get farther from the sirens he is finally normal again.
  • After this long quest Ulysses is almost home. He realises he cant have people know who he is and of his wealth. Ulysses has decided to go into ithaca as a beggar. Ulysses wants to test his people.
  • I have to look like a beggar
  • Ulysses has returned home to realise men are trying to take his kingdom. He has A loyal follower a son and his wife. Now he has told his wife to challenge that only he can win. as they try and give up he ties and achieved it. His son wounded has angered him to kill those who wronged him. he is once again the king.
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