Updated: 9/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • girl your scaring me..my moms calling I have to go can you tell me tomorrow in are spot..k
  • hey so why did you want to meet here we haven't been here since we were in preschool and are you okay
  • I have to tell you something but i don't you to freak it's something I just found out I can do and its cool but scary
  • Yeah that’s fine but when I show you don’t freak out k
  • This is it and I can do more than this I want'ed to tell your since your my best friend
  • OMG......THIS IS AMAZING...but can you please put me down I dont like being high
  • I told my best friend in the world that I'm a freak and she thinks its cool she said cool I still feel like I'm going to get out of control and people are going to know
  • I float when I'm upset I didn't even know till now I'm a FREAK and people will NEVER understand what I'm going throw