english the lottery
Updated: 1/13/2021
english the lottery

Storyboard Text

  • They gather for the annual lottery, as a town. It takes place at the end of June every year. Mr. Summers is in charge of it.
  • Tessie finds out that Bill, is going to be the center of attention within all of the villagers. Also Bill wasn't given enough time to get the piece of paper.
  • The Hutchinson family gathers. They put 5 slips of paper including the one that Bill chose earlier.
  • Each person from the family draws a slip of paper from the box, everyones had a black dot besides Tessie's.
  • Tessie was very mad because she thought that it wasn't fair. And she says that they gathered before she got there. 
  • While Tessie was screaming because she thought that it wasn't fair, she gets hit in the head with a rock.