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Rise of Cities
Updated: 10/1/2019
Rise of Cities
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  • This is our farm. We used to be part of a Nomadic people, but we've learned how to get food from agriculture, so we've decided to settle down here.
  • As time went on, these farmers were able to grow, raise, and domesticate more and more food for themselves and their livestock by carefully tending their crops and fixing any problems. For example, when there wasn't a natural source of water available, these farmers would have solve the problem by irrigating water to their farm.
  • Eventually, the population grew and people each had less jobs to do, resulting in more free time for everyone.
  • Now that everyone has more free time, we're able to specialize in many different jobs and skills. For example, my husband is now specifically a pastoralist, instead of being a farmer who grows and raises everything, and I am now an artist.
  • Since we are now specializing in different jobs and skills, we've developed the system of trade to trade our different goods made from our specializations. We also have developed the system of writing in order to keep track of our trades. In addition, we have now developed more advanced technology.
  • Lastly, people created government, laws, and punishments, the final step needed for the rise of cities and civilization to occur.
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