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Blackwater storyboard
Updated: 10/23/2020
Blackwater storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Expostition (Chapter1)
  • Inciting incident (Chapter 2)
  • Rising Action Event (Chapter 3)
  • In the exposition,we are introduced to 2 characters,named Brodie(left) and Alex(right).They are at the Blackwater river,or more specifically the toadstool.
  • Rising Action Event (Chapter 4)
  • Brodie notices that Pauline and Otis(his enemy) were right on the toadstool and decides to joke around.So he pushes them of the rock.Soon to realize that they are floating really fast down river.
  • Rising Action Event (Chapter 5)
  • In the first rising action event happens to be when Alex and Brodie realize that Pauline and Otis are stuck in the current and won't be able to get out.Alex goes to get help from the batman's house and Brodie is determined to save them.
  • Rising Action Event (Chapter 6)
  • Brodie gets stuck in the mud while trying to save Pauline and Otis.Soon a car pulls up and out come Hank(with rope) and Clem(by car).Batman is standing next to Alex. Hank is able to pull Brodie out with the rope.Alex lies about what happened so that they wouldn't get in trouble.
  • As Brodie lays down back at his house and after he was reunited with his parents,they find out awful news.Pauline has been found...dead.A reporter comes to interview them about what happened.
  • When the reporter leaves, Brodie's dad finds towels that belonged to Pauline and Otis.Alex believes that Otis dropped them off and might not after all be dead.
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