Dalton Zednichek Narrative Writing
Updated: 11/11/2020
Dalton Zednichek Narrative Writing

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  • ???
  • Exposition
  • knock knock
  • Rising Action
  • Rising action
  • Adam a man who gained the ability to read minds at a young age is waiting for his wife to get home in the middle of a big storm hears a knock at the door
  • Climax
  • Adam opens up his front door hoping it to be his wife but all he sees is a silhouette of a man So adam uses his power and reads they're mind and see's fear so he asks "hello?" and doesnt get an answer so he closes the door
  • Falling Action
  • Adam hears a muffled hello that sounds like his wife so he pushes the man out of his way and the man stabs him with what looks like his wifes car keys so he runs back inside and locks the doors but hears the garage door opening
  • Resolution
  • Adam sees the man in his house so he shoots them and with the man having little time to live takes one last slash at adam again with his wife's key's but when taking that slash had a real human body but still as if a silhouette
  • Adam goes to his neighbors house for help but when his neighbor opens the door his face goes blank and he grows a devilish smile and kills his neighbor and his neighbors wife calls the police and they arrive to take him to prison
  • Adam hears gaurds outside his cell " jeez killed his wife and neighbors in cold blood what got into him" Adam then realizing what he had done stares at the ceiling blankly as hes driven into madness
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