Updated: 1/12/2021

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  • Aw sweetie what happened?
  • Ugh, I hate Sarah so much!!
  • Don't worry about getting her back honey, karma will teach her a lesson.
  • She embarrassed me in front of all my friends. I'm gonna get her back for this!!
  • What's Karma?
  • Well, since It is the intent of one's actions that generates karma, fate will have a bad deed done to her.
  • So if I just wait for karma to get her, she will learn her lesson?
  • Exactly!!
  • The lesson to learn from karma is if you treat others respectfully, you will have good karma. But you will receive bad karma if you do bad onto others.
  • So if I treat Sarah respectfully even although she was mean to me I'll be rewarded with good karma?
  • That is exactly what will happen!!
  • Now that your feeling better, how about we go get some ice cream?
  • That's the spirit sweetie.
  • Yayyyyyyyy!!!
  • Karma's fun when you forgive people and choose to let it deal with mean people.
  • Hahah, it sure does sweetie.
  • Mhmmm, good karma tastes good.
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