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Updated: 1/31/2019
Unknown Story

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  • 'Heyy! She is my mother.I wonder, where my mother is going?'
  • Mom! I am here too. I hope mom hear me.
  • Oh! My daughter calls me.
  • Where are you going mom? I saw you and I calls you.
  • My swatheart I am going to market. I will buy some food and I will buy new clothes for your father.Because today our wedding anniversary with your father.
  • She walked on the street at afternoon.Her daughter saw the him and the girl wondered. Where her mother was going?
  • I agree with you my swatheart.
  • I am so happy because I love shopping mother.
  • She called out the his mother and mother heard her daughter.
  • huh! Yes mother.I agree with you.
  • I like orange t-shirt.What about you?
  • Came to his mother and asked where she was going. Then, they decided to go to the mall together.
  • What a beautiful day my mother.
  • Yes you're right.I hope your father like my gift.
  • Firstly, they went to buy clothes for him.
  • Her mother liked a orange t-shirt.Then, she bought orange t-shirt.
  • After shopping, they went to cafe.