Lance G - Coffee

Updated: 10/7/2021
Lance G -  Coffee

Storyboard Text

  • A goat in the Ethiopian Plateau during the 9th century
  • Coffee bean being brewed inside a monastery
  • Coffee Modernized
  • One day Kaldi noticed one of his goats becoming very energetic because he was eating wild berries from a wild tree.
  • The abbots of the monastery reporting too local monks
  • The coffee beans first innovation was to make it into a drink. An abbot of a monastery made a drink by first, drying the beans, roasting them, grounding them, and finally mixing it with hot boiling water.
  • The word of coffee spreads around the globe
  • Coffee is a very popular drink as of right now. It is used to keep us fueled, energized, and awake throughout longs hours. It can also just be used to just enjoy the strong flavour that it has
  • Modern day coffee
  • The abbot of the monastery shared the discovery with the local monks. This allowed the monks to pray and worship for longer sessions which was very great.
  • The word about the energizing berries began to spread to Europe, Egypt, Turkey, and eventually around the world.
  • This famous berry that was discovered by a goat is now a very popular drink to keep us energized and alert throughout our modern-day lives!