Romeo and juliet

Updated: 10/13/2021
Romeo and juliet

Storyboard Text

  • Nurse where's my daughter? Call her forth to me
  • Scene 3 later that evening before the party
  • Now by my maidenhead at twelve year old I Bade her come. What Lamb! What ladybird! God forbid! Where's the girl? What, Juliet
  • Benvolio: The date is out of such prolixity We'll have no cupid hoodwink'd with a scarf Bearing a tartar painted with bow of lath Scaring the ladies like a crow keeper
  • Scene 4 Later that night. A street in Verona
  • Romeo: What shall this peace speech be spoke for our excuse? Or shall we on without an apology
  • Where's potpan that he helps not to take away? He shift a trencher! He scraper a trencher!
  • First ServingMan: Away with the join stools remove the court cupboard look to the plate good thou save me a peice of marchpane and as thou loves me the let the porter let in susan grindstone
  • Scene 5
  • Second Servingman: When good manners shall lie all in one or two men's hands and they unwashed too tis a foul thing
  • John: Holy Franciscan friar is brother, ho
  • Scene 2: The same afternoon. Friar Lawrence cell in Verona
  • Lawrence: This same should be the voice of friar john Welcome from mantua What say Romeo? OR His mind be writ give his letter
  • Scene 3: late at that night. The churchyard that contains the Capulets tomb
  • Paris: Give me thy torch boy Hence and stand aloof. Yet put it out for i would not to be seen ...
  • Page(Aside) I am almost afraid to stand alone. Here in the churchyard yet i will adventure.