World History Project
Updated: 12/20/2019
World History Project
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6 Cell Project on the French Revolution.

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  • Louis XVI got overthrown and beheaded
  • Louis XVI made rules that were unfair to the 3rd state which made them revolt, take over the government, and behead him. The overthrowing was the beginning of the French Revolution.
  • The National Convention changed religion, science, and measurement
  • As the Revolution progressed, the National Convention tried getting rid of everything from before (Old Order). Clergy members lost their position, churches were closed, cult of the Supreme Being was made, and the calendar and metric system were replaced.
  • Reign of Terror occured
  • The Reign of Terror was caused by fear of a counterrevolution and it was a period of accusations, trials, and executions. This was when the guillotine was used the most as it claimed 17,000 peoples lives including leaders.
  • Napoleon rose to power
  • As Robespierre got beheaded, there was no one in power, which was when Napoleon rose in ranks through the military and was named Consul.
  • Napoleon attempted to control Europe
  • Napoleon gave up the New World but tried to control all of Europe. He created the period called the "Napoleonic Wars", where he took France and attacked many countries. His fall was his loss in Russia that led to him being attacked after.
  • Exiled, reclaiming the throne, and re-exiled
  • After losing, Napoleon was exiled to Elba. When he heard the public was unhappy, he took back his throne for about 100 days until Britain and Prussia teamed up against him and defeated him at Waterloo. He was then exiled far away at St. Helena for 6 years.
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