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Updated: 10/23/2020
Unknown Story

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  • (Canto 3: page 27-29, 82-111) Dante walks to the River Acheron
  • And look here--coming at us in a boat, an old man, hair and lank skin white with age, hollering
  • Woe to you, you crooked souls! Give up all hope to look upon the sky! I come to lead you to the other shore, into eternal darkness-- fire and ice! And as for you there, you the living soul, get away from these others who are dead,
  • Dante meets the first Guardian, Charon the ferryman of souls.
  • But when he saw that I would not depart He said:
  • Another way, another port will bring your passage to the shore-- not here A lighter boat must carry you across
  • Dante and Virgil descend into the first barrier and river, the river Acheron, here the ferryman Charon takes lost souls to their ultimate punishments.
  • Virgil immediately snapped at Charon saying
  • Quit grumbling, Charon, Be still! No questions--only know that this is willed, where power is power to do whatever it will.
  • Then all at once the goatish jowls fell quiet, those of the rower of that livid swamp, whose furious eyes yet flashed with wheels of fire. But when they hear the old man's cruel words those naked and exhausted souls turned white, gnashing their teeth with fury for their fat-- hurled blasphemy at God and at their parents, at the whole human race, the place, the time, and the seed of their begetting and their birth. Then all these people, wailing bitterly, gathered upon the cursed riverbank that awaits each man who does not fear the Lord
  • Charon the ferryman of souls, yells at Dante to leave because he is not dead, Charon then continues to take souls to the other side filled with darkness.
  • Narrations
  • Charon tells them to take another route because he will not take them in his boat
  • Scene play when Dante faints
  • Virgil is telling Charon to stop grumbling and let them pass because it is willed by God
  • Narration of the souls screaming from hearing the word God
  • Charon the demon, eyes of fiery coal, signals them all to et into the boat-- smacks with his oar the soul that lags behind.
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