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broken blade by Remi Sisk hr:5
Updated: 2/28/2020
broken blade by Remi Sisk   hr:5
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  • DAD! are you ok?!
  • BANG
  • Ahh
  • MOVE!!
  • Pierre's dad cut his finger with the ax while doing Pierre's job, so now he can't do his job as a voyager. Pierre thinks its up to him to do his dad's job since his dad can't do it.
  • OH NO!
  • Pierre´s brigade likes to play tricks on him but some are nice and give helpful tips. Pierre´s muscles have got stronger and the deer skin on his paddle really helped with the blisters. But Pierre has got homesick, he misses his mom and dad and his school.
  • La Londe's group went down the rapids instead of walking, The rapids were fast but they made it near the end but the had to turn so they could stay on track but their canoe got stuck in some rocks and the other canoe was coming close so La londe helped push them out of the way. He slipped on a rock and got washed away by the current. The group went looking for him but they had no luck. Mc kay had a ceramony of his death.
  • Son!
  • DAD!
  • Pierre's crew wanted to save time,so they went across the water instead of staying by the shore. The weather held up until they got about half way to the other side when they started to take on water and the waves got to big to paddle. So others came to help them so they wouldn't sink with all the supplies they need to trade
  • Pierre and Charbonneau got invited to eat at chief Mukwa's tipi. Soon after they ate Pierre found out that he just ate dog, Charbonneau explained that life is hard and they eat what they can get even if its dog. After they ate they went to a dance where Pierre danced with Kennewah and how all the girls liked him. Pierre told kennewah that he liked her and that she liked him back.
  • Pierre went home to his family after he was done with his voyager job, he went to suprise his dad who he heard chopping wood. When his dad noticed him they hugged and his dad said there was something wrong, it was that he sent a kid and after he came back he became a man. Pierre was going to go inside when he picked up the ax and noticed it weighed as much a paddle, then cut a piece of wood with a clean cut. I think that Pierre will continue with his eteucation then go back to the company and become a clerk.
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