Updated: 11/7/2018
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  • The DEmon
  • The Comic
  • Later that morning Aki had a weird dream 
  • What was that dream? It feels like so real like its gonna happen someday
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • I guess is time to go to the school
  • While Aki was in School, Akis classmate Jake as Jake the Jerk dares Aki to the Haunted Forest of Death
  • Hey, Aki, I dare you to go to the Forest of Death 
  • I will just because I can get away from you 
  • As Aki goes deeper to the forest Aki found a Portal. A demon came out. Aki panic and the demon heard Aki. So Aki bring out his pocket knife out and fights the Demon. SLASH!!! Aki sliced the demon and he knew it was time to run. Aki runs so fast as he can then large roar came from the Portal. Aki stopped and found a young demon.
  • Rooooaaaarr!!!!
  • Aaaaaaghhhh!!!
  • When Aki found the young Demon. Aki heard a Big Roar. There was rustling in the bush and something came out. The Young Demon look at it and there was a Demon Tiger. Aki knew that the Young Demon was gonna get eaten. Aki made a choice run or take the young demon with him. Aki took the Demon and ran.
  • Ruuuuun!!!
  • When they reached the exit a portal came the Young Demon new that was his exit. Aki knew that was his exit to so he told the Demon to go. The Demon Tiger came to chase the Young Demon but Aki stopped the Tiger. The Tiger jump then Aki stab the Tiger. The tiger started disappearing just like in the movies. As Aki look back the Young demon was gone. Aki had was proud that he helped a Young Demon and Aki just had a great day.
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