Anvi sicecins pirogect

Updated: 9/15/2021
Anvi sicecins pirogect

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  • I am doing a book report about Neptune so can you tell me a few facts about the awsome planet?
  • You want me to tell you about neptune? ok!
  • 😃 wow!
  • Neptune was not discoverd intil 1846. And yes neptune is a outer planet as well!
  • Yeah I know that!
  • Neptune’s “neighbors” are Uranus and Pluto.
  • WOW thank you for all this help!
  • Anytime! Now I need you to go I am going to cach some food! BYE!
  • Neptune is huge! It can fit 57 Earths in it!
  • did you know that Neptune and Uranis are both called ice giants. People think that under Neptune there are frozen oceans.
  • Neptune climate is very cold. Neptune is so far way form the sunthat Neptune has to produse it's own light! And did you know that Neptune has rings? Yes! there are rings but they are very light
  • We are ice giants!