illiad. the Trojan war
Updated: 3/9/2021
illiad. the Trojan war

Storyboard Text

  • Long ago in Ancient Greece,a prince name Paris of trojan captured Helen Sparta who was the wife of the spartan king who started the trojan war.
  • Achilles one of Greeks best warriors who was invincible. Agamemnon took his prize, Briseis, away from him. Achilles feels disrespected and not only abstains from fighting, but prays that the Greeks will suffer a great loss, so that Agamemnon can see what a mistake it was to start a conflict with him.
  • Patroclus, Achilles best friend Patroclus took Achilles armor to scare the Trojans. But he was defeated by the Trojan prince Hector.
  • then due to anger and shock Angered Achilles faced and killed Hector.
  • the king asked the great Achilles to give him his sons body. Achilles returned the body to the father
  • and, Troy mourns the loss of their prince., Hector